RoleYearly Rate (USD)
Android Chief Software Architect$100k/year
C# (.NET) Chief Software Architect$100k/year
C# (.NET) Software Engineer$30k/year
C++ Software Engineer$30k/year
Database Chief Architect$100k/year
iOS Chief Software Architect$100k/year
Java Chief Software Architect$100k/year
Java Software Engineer$30k/year
SaaSOps Software Architect$60k/year
SaaSOps Chief Architect$100k/year
Ruby on Rails Chief Software Architect$100k/year
QA Engineer$k30/year
L3 Customer Support Chief Architect$100k/year
SaaSOps Software Engineering Manager$100k/year
QA Software Engineering Manager$100k/year
Ruby on Rails Software Engineering Manager$100k/year
Financial Analysts$30k/year
Financial Analysts - French/German$30k/year
NetSuite Chief Architect$100k/year
VP of Software Engineering$200k/year
Salesforce Developer$60k/year
Salesforce Senior Consultant$100k/year
Salesforce Software Engineering Manager$100k/year
SVP of Professional Services$400k/year
Senior Vice President of Finance$400k/year
VP of Finance$200k/year
Telecom Business Consultant$100k/year
Executive Vice President of Technical Product Management$800k/year
Senior Vice President of Technical Product Management$400k/year
Vice President of Technical Product Management$200k/year
Senior Vice President of Software Engineering & Operations$400k/year
Executive Vice President of Software Engineering & Operations$800k/year